Ultimate Guide :To Get What You Want.

Ultimate Guide :To Get What You Want.


One thing, which never leaves us- as long as we breathe is, Desires- human desires are numerous, unending and keep on appreciating. Apparently, before you manage anything to achieve your desires, first and foremost you need to manage and prepare is –Self, to be the best version of self and to live the life on the next level, we need an inside-outside approach.

Few tips to manage self internally:-

  1. Meditate, Even if it is for few minutes everyday, close your eyes in the morning and at night before you go to bed & connect with inner self and concentrate on your breath.
  2. Eat Fresh, Let 40% of your daily food come from plants preferably from above the soil.
  3. Practice a Hobby, Nourish your soul by engaging into your hobbies.

Once you start sorting what is inside it’s time to project it outside with these helpful ideas:-

  1. Appearance,  Wear clean, fresh, ironed clothes that perfectly suits to the body shape, your accessories should be proportionate and should be matching to your role and occasion.
  2. Body Language, Always be open, sharp & expressive with your body and facial gestures, open palm and feet indicate a friendly and confident personality.
  3. Grooming, Regularly take care of your skin, hair and nails, go for spa massages, periodically to maintain cleanliness, relaxation and to flush out toxins per se.
  4. Etiquette, It is the behavior which makes other person considerate for you, and people feel more comfortable around a person having good manners. Don’t forget the 4 golden rules- Thank you, Sorry, Excuse –Me, Please!

With these simple tips you can be sure of the image you project and be equipped for any challenges life could throw on you- and be determined of the desire of success should be greater than the fear of failure.


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